Ready to Create your First Ad Together?

I've just opened up a brand new program based entirely on what online business owners have been telling me they need...

It's called Marketing Mastery and it's one of the most affordable high level masterminds out there! 

You actually get to pay as you go rather than paying for months of coaching up front!

It's the most effective way I can help you for two reasons...
1) It gives you access to the most impactful form of coaching there is: 1 on 1 coaching. Ask me ANYTHING, EVERY SINGLE WEEK.
2) It's packaged in a way that I don't have to charge you a ridiculous amount, you get to pay as you go and cancel at any time!

Weekly Calls - $495/Month - Cancel Any Time

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How Does it Work?

    Twice a week I will be in a private zoom room where you will come on and ask me anything you want regarding your business. Better yet, if you have no idea what you should be doing, absolutely come on the call and I will help you narrow your focus to what will most quickly move the needle for your business! Just say "I'm not sure what I should be doing" and I'll take it from there. 

    We can share your screen so I can look at whatever you're working on and I can give you specific advice for your business rather than just general examples like on the podcast. Then you can explain to me all of the unique things about your business and situation so we can talk it out and come up with the best solution for you! 

    This is the program for people who need a second marketing mind in their business with more experience in the online marketing world. Whether you want to run a giveaway, create an eBook, launch your product on Amazon, make a holiday promotion, create an automated email sequence, build a sales funnel, do influencer marketing, it doesn't matter... I've been there and I would love to help you navigate the murky waters of the online marketing world where every guru and their mom is trying to pull you in a different direction.

When are the Call Times?

Call #1 is Thursday 3 pm ET
Thursday 8 pm in the UK
Thursday 9 pm in Germany
Friday 11 am Auckland, NZ
Friday 9 am Sydney, AU

Call #2 is Thursday 7:30 pm ET
Thursday 5:30 pm MT
Friday 8 am in India
Friday 3:30 pm Auckland, NZ
Friday 1:30 pm Sydney, AU

Daylight savings may modify these times but the Eastern Time (ET) listed at the top will always be the placeholder for what time the calls happen. These calls are weekly.

Who is it for?

    This program is for online business owners looking to increase their sales through social media. This is the perfect program for all types of eCommerce, B2C coaches, and B2C service based businesses.

Do I have to attend every call to stay in the program?

     If you are unable to make a week that is no problem, you will have access to the recordings from every call! Each recording has a description about what's covered so you can find me answering a student's question who's going through the same material as you. You can also just attend the calls to hear me answer problems for other students if you don't have a burning question to ask that week, this is truly some of the best value you can get as these businesses will often be solving problems you will soon be facing.

How many people are allowed in this group?

     There will be a maximum of 20 people allowed in this program, then it will close off until a student chooses to leave and their spot frees up. Since the calls happen twice a week, we usually see about half the students aiming to be on each call but rarely see 100% attendance so you will have more access to Derek than you think. He will stay on the call until every person is able to get their question directly answered!

How do the payments work?

    You will be charged $495 USD at the time of sign up and every 30 days after that. Payment will automatically be deducted from the card used at the time of purchase. No invoicing options available.

Do you have testimonials?

    Yes! Below and then you can also find additional testimonials here on the Social Launch Formula page.
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